Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter

Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter created in a standard way that will catch your eye as soon as you see it. Try it once.

Using plants at home is our traditional hobby. We like to get a touch of nature everywhere outside the house, and so we decorate our surroundings with a variety of trees of choice. Due to lack of space, many people cannot garden even if they want to. In that case, different types of flowering plants can be placed in the veranda or living room where the light comes.

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Indoor plants are usually planted without flowers. Whatever the type of tree, Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter looks good if planted in a beautiful planter. You can choose the matching pot with the plant of your choice. In that case, you can choose small and larger pots of different shapes. Medium or slightly larger pots are quite suitable for planting flowering plants. There are also differences in this type of pot – different colors, different shapes. Variations can also be made using pot-shaped, round or square tubs. In terms of the plant pot, our Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter is very beautiful and stylish which will add sophistication to any of your rooms.

Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter created in a standard way that will catch your eye as soon as you see it. Not only this, with the help of trees you can decorate your house. Its combination of white with coral colors will make your place unique and create a bridge between modern & classical styles.

Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter:

This plant pot is completely stoneware with an electroplated crosshatch textured look. It’s much more durable and perfect for holding a plant or display without plants. We have brought to you great deals on lots of world-class collections and this Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter is one of these, can be used as an Indoor & outdoor Flower Plant Pot. Its color, size, and appearance will suit and blend easily with any of your places.

What Benefits do You Get from Using it?

Classical Touch:

Many of us like the classical touch in home decor. Modern things may not always give you pleasure or you may be looking for something different. What if there is a combination of classical style with modern? Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter is a classical style plant pot that will easily transform your home into a natural and traditional paradise.

Premium Quality:

At the moment of making the products supplied to you, we make sure of the quality of its ingredients so that you have no doubts about Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter. World-class components are used for the beautiful look and durability of this planter. It is 100% stoneware pot with coral colored crosshatch textured look. No matter if you have or don’t have plants in it.

Best Size:

The Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter comes in a medium size. You can place it anywhere on the floor or on top of the plant stands with 4 legs, but you have to buy it separately. The planter will occupy a lot of space in your room if it is too high in size or too much in diameter. This pot is 6.25 inches in height and 7 inches in diameter which is perfect for placing in the corner of your room or next to any table.

Comes with Durability:

This is a very good quality plant pot considering its durability. We ensure the use of good materials so that you do not have the fear of being damaged as a result of long-term use and remain the same. You can use this Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter for a long time and you will get much better results than you thought.

Both Use:

Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter is suitable for use both indoor and outdoor. You can use it outside the house in the same way as inside the house where you want. Usually unused planters indoors are kept outdoors for fear of damage. However, we do arrange some planters that are suitable for outdoor use. Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter is one of them.

Easy Maintenance:

This exclusive plant pot is very easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about maintaining it. However, never clean the pot with water. It can get dirty. You can just wipe it off with a soft, clean and dry cloth. That is enough for its maintenance.

Best Features:

  • It can be placed with or without plant
  • This decorative planter has a classical feel to it
  • Can add class and sophistication to any room to any space
  • Its simple stylish design, clean & neutral color can blend anywhere
  • Comes with a unique design
  • Complements indoor and outdoor decor
  • Look great in any space of the home or office
  • Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter is 100% stoneware with electroplated coral colored crosshatch textured look
  • 7” diameter x 6.25” high
  • Durable and great for display or holding your favorite plant
  • Adjustable height and width as per your need, it has great flexibility.


Product Name: Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter

Size of the Pot: Medium Planter

Material: Stoneware 

Color: Coral

Product Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 6.25 inches

Item Weight: 2.77 pounds

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Both

Item model number: AMZE19-01A

Advantages: Fit size, perfect for any of your spaces.

Maintenance: Needs to wipes clean with a soft, dry cloth

Application: Perfect for living room, guest room, bedroom, porch, patio, garden, balcony

Recommended Reason: Traditional style  & design, is a vital choice for home


Q: What prevents a plant from becoming waterlogged?

A: Your plant should not be planted directly inside this planter. So place the tree in the planter you bought and put the planter in this Stoneware Planter. We recommend when you need to water the plant, bring it out and water it, then put Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter back in the planter. There is no reason for you to be tense about the accumulation of water in it. You can use it to your advantage.

Q: What’s good to use to raise up a plant in the planter?

A: Since this pot is of medium size, the small size of the plants may be less visible. So you can put some small stones under it so that the plant can raise up the top and is well visible.

Q: What about its maintenance?

A: You don’t just have to leave the pot at home, you have to take care of it. However, there is no problem with its maintenance. You can take care of it very easily. No need to wash with water, just wipe it off with a clean dry cloth occasionally, that’s enough.

Q: What’s the dimension of the pot?

A: This pot of medium dimension comes with the dimension perfect for any space where you keep. It is 6.25 inches high and the diameter is 7 inches. This medium size is suitable for any place in your house, and you can put any tree of your choice in it.

Q: Can it be used outdoors?

A: Yes, you can use it both inside and outside. You can keep it without trees if you want. And there is no problem in keeping it out. You can put it on the planter stand outside. There is no pair of it to enhance the beauty inside and out. Perfect for both uses. 

Remarkable Reviews:

By Freya Watts

Stylish planter

I love this planter so much. My aloe vera plant into this pot looks so beautiful. The color combination of the pot with the aloe vera tree is very suitable. I put the pot with this plant in my balcony planter holder. You can also put the planter just on the floor. Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter doesn’t take much to enhance the beauty if you have a planter like this.

By Rosie Dickinson

Well made

This planter is made in a perfect way. I am very picky about my tree and painters, so I always try to combine something with the best quality. I think this Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter with the tree is the best gift for my home decor. It looks as stylish as it is strong. Hopefully, I can use it for a long time.

By Kate Thomas

Best for outdoor use

Perfect for outdoor use and very standard. I bought one about a month ago and left it outside with a plant. I think it looks more beautiful on the outside than on the inside. I’d like to buy one more. Very lovely product. Highly recommended!

By Ewan Newman

Reasonable price!

It is a matter of great fortune to get good things at affordable prices. I got a Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter at a lower price than I expected. The bottom line is that the price of such a good quality planter can be within anyone’s reach. To be honest I am very happy to get it.

By Leon Butcher

Best experience

I always used earthen pots to plant trees. However, it has many difficulties. I have been looking for a gorgeous type of planter for a long time. It is really very beautiful and interesting. It came to be completely intact and I got the product exactly as I saw it. Thank you very much. I would like to recommend this. 

By Harry Johnson


This pot is made of a lot of sturdy metal which is not likely to be damaged or damaged. Even then I keep it very carefully as it is one of my favorite planters. My friends & family appreciate it when they visit me.

We are committed to:

We are always dedicated to our customers providing best quality products because your satisfaction is our success and this will improve the quality of our products. Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter is one of our best collections. t’s our mission to provide unique types of products that overcome the expectation of our customers.

Final Words

People are creative and beauty lovers. Decorating the house with trees is one of the many things that people are satisfied with. This creates an aesthetic as well as a serene atmosphere in home decoration. And if your favorite tree is associated with our Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter, then you can not wait to say how much will increase the verdancy of your home.

In terms of quality, our product is the best that you can realize if you use it. We make sure to use the best quality material while making this Rivet Rustic Textured Stoneware Planter. It’s sturdy and very well made that anyone will choose. So you can use our product with confidence. If you buy it once, you will definitely want another purchase. Try it once.

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