Pine Wood Plant Stand Review

Pine Wood Plant Stand long-lasting collection is the perfect maintenance way to bring nature into the interior

Whether decorating indoor or outdoor of your house with the plant is your hobby or the initial desire to meet nature or just a friend’s gift, it’s hard to find a family without plants; one might even say a tree pot that makes it home. Pine Wood Plant Stand is low maintenance, beautiful, inspiring, and humble addition to your home decor. But have you ever wondered how you could maximize these effects by storing and displaying them? An indoor plant stand or plant shelf or pot stands like Pine Wood Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor Multi Layer Flower Shelf Rack is unique with a design that suits your taste and uniqueness can mean the difference between “having plants” and “showing plants.”

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We offer a wide range of plant stands and pot stands designed by the environmentally-conscious team if you feel particularly ambitious to follow a particular design. Pine Wood Plant Stand Review here in greenhouse decoration, we firmly believe that any plant should go beyond the shelf’s practical use and become an inspirational piece of furniture for itself.

Description of the Pine Wood Plant Stand

Solid pinewood

The Isino flower pot stand is made of renewable pinewood with sturdy and durable durability properties. As a trendy choice of material for many buyers worldwide, there are many different ways to use pine wood. 

Pine Wood Plant Stand broadly used in carpentry for furniture due to its elegant, smooth grain. Inertia: Pine is a sturdy wood that makes it durable and robust when utilized in furniture. It’s not quite as heavy as oak, but it still gives durability. Light in weight. Furniture made from pine is still moderately heavy and stiff, but it is lighter than oak. Rosin can relieve stress and improve sleep quality. 

Through 300 ℃ high-temperature carbonizations, the plant rack’s water content has decreased by 50% for anti-corrosion and waterproofing performance, lasting for ten years, anti-deformation has increased by 50%; Clean surface structure suitable for any decorative furniture for indoor and outdoor usage.

7 Flowerpots

Full stand, width 33.9 x height 28 x depth 9.8 inches, combined of shelves at four different height > 6.3 “and four individual depths> 4.3″, fitting for seven pots of SMALL and MEDIUM flower organized with ample growth space. 28″ Indoor plant stands height suitable for sofa side, under living room and bedroom windows, no shelter sunlight, but the great decoration in the house 9.8” depth, 0.21 m2 area covered, space-saving, can be placed in the corner make full use of the space.

Stable Structure 33.9′ 

Extended contact area with eight fixed legs, significant flower pot position at the bottom in 16″ x 14″ Square structure, ensures the plant stand shelves center of gravitation downward and stability. 30×9 mm thick frame makes the plant ladder load-bearing up to 80lbs. Upgrade enclosure craft at the edge provides strong support to top-shelf without tilting; Multi-layer high and low garden plant shelf with opening structure, no shelter from each other, simple to handle and water, more suitable for plant growth.

Intimate Details Design

Hollow laminate flowerpots with reasonable spacing avoid falling and are beneficial for drainage and ventilation. The rounded corner design is hands-free; 2.8″ height off-ground design, no rigidity, Pine Wood Plant Stands beautiful and is easy to sweep. Gun nail double fixed with glue, avoid shelf shedding. High-quality carbon steel screw is strong and durable; Tools and manuals are included smoothly and quickly accessible collection of light assemblies.

Widen Usage

 Isino garden plant rack can be used as a multiple storage display shelf Rack, decoration, toys, shoes, books, plants. Small appliances are organized in the living room, bedroom, home corner, garden, balcony, yard, patio, deck, shops, fairs, etc. Also, the most suited holiday present for mom, girlfriends, family on birthday, matrimonies, Mother’s Day, and Christmas Day. Pet cat likes to jump on it for playing also!

Features of Pine Wood Plant Stand

  • Made of renewable pine wood
  • Resistant to corrosion and moisture
  • Shelves have an opening design
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • Supports up to seven flower pots
  • Has eight fixed legs
  • Hollow laminate design with reasonable gaps


Material: PINE Wood

Display size: W 33.9 x H 28 x D 9.8 inch (86 x 71 x 25 cm)

Number of layers: 4 layers

Weight: 8.4 lbs (3.8 kgs)

Craft: high-temperature Carbonization, three manual grinding

Assemble or not: Yes

Characteristics: Pine, Carbonization, high and low structure, suitable for plant growth, heavy-duty

Packing List

– Flower rack x 1 set

– Installation Tool x 1 Set

– Installation Manual x 1

Note :

– Fits for Small or Medium Flowerpots

The detailed process of plant stand

Solid Pine Wood

30×9 mm Thick frame gives the plant shelf weight bearing up to 10lbs per layer. The round corner prevents your hand from scratch.

Durable Carbon Steel Screw

Choosing high-quality carbon steel screws, the wood plant holder is longer sturdy and long-lasting for use. Also thicken gun nail double fixed with glue, avoid laminate shedding.

Large Capacity

Different size of the laminate provides more kinds of succulent pots, large flower pot design.

Buying Guide

Potted plants may be the only comfort of apartment dwellers as some crave greens, although scattered in the urban. Pine Wood Plant Stand beyond the air-purifying benefits and the dopamine that encourages you to trend for them, they can be an aesthetic addition to any home. In particular, if you use ornamental indoor plants, they will appear in the flavor.

Use stands of different heights to create layered effects, whether that bouquet of specially colored bouquets come out with a wooden stand, or use Art Deco-style plant stands to distract users from unintentional plants season away from flowering.

What are the pros and cons of different plant stand styles?

The wood plant stand is not written on the stone. Anything from upturned tomato cages to milk crates, side tables, and wire crates can be transformed into a plant stand. But when you choose wood as the material for the plant stand.  It gives you an excellent opportunity to be creative.

You can choose from flexible designs, such as four sturdy wooden leg stands inspired by the mid-century nestled inside it. You can go conventional and choose a relatively wooden table with a surface for pots that holds more soil demand, and more volume will suffice. You can double as a side table if not used later.

Tiered wooden plant stands to allow you to save space with shelves (micro apartments) and can be used to layer your plants according to size. The tallest plants in the lower tier, the shorter ones in the middle, and the shorter ones in the top work best. If there are different types of plants, use stands of different sizes to arrange them.

What is the best kind of wood for a plant stand?

The best example of wood for your plant stands is the native species that can withstand the prevailing weather, especially if you decide to use them outside. If you bought the shelf, look for maple, cedar, oak, rubber wood, mango wood, pine, and poplar. These are durable, resist occasional bump or two, and stain very well. If you are shopping on a budget, plywood can also be the right choice. But it can’t beat the beautiful patterns that come with hardness and hardwood.

Is Pine Wood Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor Multi Layer Flower Shelf a good idea?

Some wood plants stand straightforward for your weekend wood project, but it can’t be easy to finalize and finish with professionally made pieces. It depends on the look you desire to achieve. Go all Pine Wood Plant Stand for a rustic-chic look, but if your home has more historic, classic-themed decor, go for premade.

What extra features to see for in a wooden plant stand?

Water and wood do not go together. So always find out what kind of stains are used on the wood. If you have a waterproof sealant that protects the wood from rot and mildew., it will be best.

If indoor potted plants do not get enough sunlight, you may want to include growth lights in the stands. It sounds like a lot right now, but it’s not that hard.


Question: Can this be left outdoors all year long?

Answer- 1: Although the wood is stained, it is not sealed such that I would be comfortable leaving it outdoors year-round. I would worry about mold/rot. If you can treat the wood yourself, I imagine it would be fine.

Answer- 2: I’m not sure, it probably would get discolored ( moldy) I gave it to my daughter as a gift she likes it, but she has it inside.

Question: Can I mount this to a wall?

Answer- 1: I don’t think it’s designed to be, but the two shelves in the middle are the same level, so maybe you can do it that way.

Answer- 2: It’s not made for that, but you probably could. I gave it to my daughter; she loves it.

Question: Can this be knocked over easily if bumped into?

Answer- 1: I bought the stand, which has three separate layers.

With my plants on those shelves, they move if bumped into. But do not knock over due to the plants’ weight because they aren’t bumped into all that hard. I would imagine they would move more or less depending on the plants’ weight and the intensity of the impact. The stands themselves are not that dense or heavy.

Answer- 2: I don’t think the plant stand can be knocked over easily if bumped into, but I have it up against the wall, which is probably the best way to display it.

Remarkable Reviews

By Joe F

Nice and sturdy for plants. Just don’t sit on it! Sturdy to hold plants. Raw wood, so wear gloves provided to prevent any splinters. Will probably do a polyurethane coat. Good instructions. Took this older man about 45 min to assemble with a small wrench tool provided. Tighten the screws, but don’t overdo it. Happy with results. I will use it on the porch. Thank you!

By Samantha St. Clair

Love this!

I love this product! I wanted something I could use inside for my plants and other little knick-knacks. It does the job. I haven’t had to transfer it since I set it up, but it isn’t very sturdy, so I’m giving it four stars. I’d repurchase it.

By Ella

Fantastic plant stand, easy to assemble

The product is the following, as advertised. Pine Wood Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor Multi Layer Flower Shelf Rack is very lightweight and effortless to assemble. The directions were apparent, took me about 20 minutes to assemble. Lots of room for plants. I would buy this or another product from the same manufacturers again. The package came complete with everything labeled and two extra screws and nuts to save.

By Annie B.

Easy to assemble

Despite the impression when opening the box and looking at all the screws and directions—very easy to assemble. Love this. I removed all my single stands and placed my plants together. Looks great and will buy another!!

Final words

Be inspired by adding green to your living room, bathroom, or study from your bedroom and enjoying the beautiful, natural look. Pine Wood Plant Stand long-lasting collection is the perfect maintenance way to bring nature into the interior when the outdoor space is limited or used to show off your tree pots Stands. 

Find a creative way to showcase your green color; our plant stands are great for indoor and outdoor decor. Made from pine in a modern design and neutral colors, they add a stylish touch to your decor. Our quality Pine Wood Plant Stand Indoor Outdoor Multi Layer Flower Shelf Rack is a great and stylish way to keep your plants away from the floor.

Add your favorite and variety to your plant displays. Our plant stand can be featured indoors or outdoors And is sure to add a beautiful feature to any space.

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