Cedar Spiral Silk Tree Review

Inside the house, you can change the decoration and beauty with Nearly Natural 5160 2ft. Cedar Spiral Silk Tree.

Inside the house, you can change the decoration and beauty with different types of indoor plants, flowers, and artificial flowers. However, your spaces should be arranged according to the places in the house for Cedar Spiral Silk Tree. Living between the four walls, our contact with the greenery has been greatly reduced. Many people do roof gardening as a hobby. Again, for various reasons, Cedar Spiral Silk Tree Review may not be possible to garden on the roof. So if the house can be decorated with trees and flowers, an eco-friendly look will appear throughout your home.

If you want to get close to the green or nature inside the house, you can decorate Cedar Spiral Silk Tree Review with different flowers, trees, and leaves. Without trees, flowers, and leaves, the beauty of the house does not shine in any way. For example, the corner of the drawing-room or the table can be arranged in various variations and styles with indoor plants.

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In the context of artificial trees, there are many beautiful things in your mind. Cedar Spiral Silk Tree may be the best option for you if you are thinking of something unique and very interesting. This snake-shaped plant is perfect to decorate your places.

Cedar Spiral Silk Tree:

This plant is crafted with quality and detail in mind, this stunning cedar silk tree will brighten up any space. It features 452 freely designed each page with an authentic texture. This spiral-shaped cedar is 2 feet long and sits in a nursery container. This cedar spiral tree is perfect for any fountain or outdoor covered entrance, adding the perfect touch of traditional colonial elegance to any part of your home.

It is very well designed to be life-like in appearance using synthetic materials like polyester or plastic. This beautiful plant needs to be reshaped when bringing out from the box to give it the full size. Cedar Spiral Silk Tree Review will look elegant for years to come; just wipe with a soft dry cloth as per needs.

What are the benefits of using this plant?

Best Quality:

Shop our collection with confidence. At the time of producing the product and before it reaches you, we make sure that Cedar Spiral Silk Tree Review maintains its quality. The synthetic and plastic materials used in it are of premium quality. This beautiful cedar silk tree will brighten up any space you have. The leaves are perfectly arranged from top to bottom which is enough to catch your eye.

Accurate Measurement:

This plant comes with a suitable size that is perfect for any corner. Its overall dimension is 8 In. W x 7 In. D x 24 In. H including a non-decorative nursery pot. The measurements from the bottom of the pot to the top extended leaves on the arrangement. 

Less Maintenance Required:

You will not need any hassle to take care of it as it requires low maintenance. This is a very simple task. Since it is an artificial plant, it does not need any food, water, fertilizer, or sunlight. Every day it will look perfectly fresh and natural. Just clean with a soft dry cloth. No need to do anything else, your tree is ready again!

Both Use:

This spiral cedar silk plant is 2 ft tall with 452 leaves. It is suitable for use outside or inside. You can place it in different corners of the room as well as outside the door, in the corner of the stairs, on the roof next to your tea table. It will brighten wherever you put it.

Nearly Natural:

The Cedar Spiral Silk Tree looks a lot like a natural and real tree. If you have seen this tree in real life then you will understand. It is very difficult to take care of a living tree. Because if you start using it without knowing its features, then you have to face a lot of problems. How much water it can absorb or how little sunlight it needs and much more. But this faux plant will give you a natural look just like the real thing.


  • It measures 2 ft. in height with a planter
  • Crafted and designed with best quality materials and plastics
  • Attractive spiral design
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor display
  • Arranged in a Non-Decorative Nursery Pot 
  • A real touch of greenery to your spaces
  • Featuring 452 leaves with an authentic texture
  • Extreme Natural
  • No Trimming or sunlight necessary
  • Easy to change the shape
  • Enough to add greenery to your home or office
  • Need to wipe the dust with a soft and dry cloth


Product Name: 2ft. Cedar Spiral Silk Tree

Plant Type: Artificial Plants

Material: Plastic & synthetic materials

Leaves Color: Deep Green

Item Weight: 3.39 pounds

Package Dimensions L x W x H: 8 x 7 x 24 inches

Item model number: 5160

Base Included: Yes

Base Type: Pot

Finish Types: Green

Assembly Required: No

Advantages: Fit size, perfect for any corner of your spaces.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No


Q: How long will the tree last?

A: The tree will last as long as you want. It will give you natural beauty year after year and brighten up your places. Just clean it occasionally. This will increase the durability of its beauty and it will re-develop your mind like new.

Q: What about its maintenance?

A: If you want to make the beauty of spiral cedar silk trees permanent, you have to work very little. You will get it from us with a pot. You can wipe it off with a dry soft cloth at convenience. No need to wash, just wipe.

Q: What are the best places to put it?

A: Cedar Spiral Silk Trees are perfect for decorating many of your spaces. Suitable for a place like next to your bookshelf, next to the illuminated window, outside the front door, in your drawing room, next to the tea table on the roof, next to the office table.

Q: How natural is it? 

A: It is very natural that is beyond your imagination. When you see it, you will think that the tree is really planted in a pot. Its dark green color will fascinate you. If you look at the real Cedar Spiral Silk Tree Review and put the two trees side by side, you will not understand which is the real reason because the artificial plants are very natural.

Q: Is it suitable for use both outside and inside?

A: Yes, you can use it both outside and inside. No fear, it will not be wasted in the external environment.

Remarkable Reviews:

By Rebekah M. Williams

Love this so much!

When I saw this tree in reality, I was a little scared to see the shape of its snake, but I liked the tree very much. Do you think it is so funny! I was very happy when I got the artificial version. It’s really beautiful, it looks like a snake, but it’s very elegant which I like. Love it so much!

By Virginia R. Austin

Very appealing

I bought one spiral cedar plant and put it next to my front door. It’s very life-like and realistic to look at. I think it is a very good addition to my house. Many of my friends come to my house every day and they appreciate it. I am very happy to buy it and I would definitely recommend buying it.

By Monica T. George

Great purchase!

I got a very good supply of the product. It came to me very safely. The 2 feet tall tree was sent to me in a beautiful box. When I unpacked it I saw that it was perfectly fine just like I saw in the picture. The tree was not damaged in the slightest. However, it can be reshaped so there is no problem.

By Genie K. Leonard

Great for outdoors.

It is an artificial plant that is very suitable for keeping outdoors. Many artificial plants are not suitable for outdoor use because some trees cannot tolerate excess sunlight or their leaves are damaged if they are exposed to fog or extreme weather. However, this tree is not so. I put it next to the chair sitting on my roof. This is really awesome.

By Gregory C. Maddox

It deserves five stars!

Great product! These trees look almost real and fantastic. I put them at my front entryway to brighten up space. I chose it by seeing the pictures online and placed an order. It came to me very fast and efficiently. I would definitely give it a five star.

By Christine D. Bernal

I’m very satisfied with it!

I am very happy to get it. One of the best products they can offer. The tree is not too big or too small so it can be placed anywhere. I don’t have to worry about taking care of it. Just wipe it off with a soft cloth. Best product. Thanks a lot!

Did You Know?

Henry Friedmen was a renowned horticulturist, with actual species of plants named after him.

We are committed to:

It’s our prominence to pay full attention and dedication to our customer service that has helped us to improve our products’ quality and grow our success we enjoy today. We are always committed to providing the best quality product to our customers. So they never give up on us. The spiral cedar silk tree is one of our best products. Our customers are very satisfied because Cedar Spiral Silk Tree Review our mission to provide unique types of products that overcome the expectation of our customers.

Final Words:

If you want to have peace inside your home, there is no pair of Cedar Spiral Silk Tree plants. And seeing the shade of green kept inside the home, the aesthetic form of nature that emerges in the mind, no matter how bad the mind is, must get better. It adorns the house and helps to create a pleasant soothing atmosphere. So with this wonderful collection, you can decorate your nest of happiness and peace. This wonderful plant can give peace within 4 walls in your urban life.

Our product is one of our best collections made of very good quality ingredients. You will find the same thing in many places but we are not sure if the quality will be good or bad. So when you are buying something with money you should take it from a trusted place. And we can be that reliable platform. You must have seen the Cedar Spiral Silk Tree Reviews understand how popular it is and how happy all our customers are to receive our product. You are always welcome to try us for once. We’re sure you’ll want to purchase from us again.

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