Best White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots – 6.5 Inch Pack 2 Indoor Planters


Who does not want to decorate the house as his own mind! And for this, there is no way left from interior design to the desire of one’s own mind. But you can enhance the beauty of your home with White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots. You can place flower pots of any design in the corner of the room, space above the showcase, on the TV, on the dressing table, or on the bedside table. If you want to smell more flowers, you can keep Best White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots near the bed. Remember, no matter where you place the pot, it will fit.

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The decision to choose a flower pot is entirely yours. Flower pots are equally valued not only as flower pots but also as showpieces. Our White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots – 6.5 Inch Pack 2 Indoor Planters are such things that can match your choice. Not only fresh flowers will be predominant in these pots, but you can also keep artificial flowers of different colors. White ceramic flower pots are great for indoor use; Perfect for your favorite plant; The special design makes you feel special.

White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots

This beautiful white ceramic pot is created with sturdy ceramic and painted beautifully with white, these planters are not only displayed to look at but amazingly functional as well. These planters will look fantastic inside your house including all your favorite rooms. They are small but versatile and will stand out from all the others and we guarantee Best White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots. 

These flower pots are lightweight and easy to carry, meanwhile reusable. We produce a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, flowerpots can be used to grow any small tree or flower, it is the best choice for any of your plants. They can dress up and add vibrancy to your indoor spaces. 

What are the Best Features of this Ceramic Planter?

Modern Handcrafted Pot:

These ceramic planters provide an immense touch of modernity and naturalness. Its base is very strong and suitable for longtime use. Our experts have made these with great care where you have no room for doubt. These handmade white ceramic pots will easily adapt to your home environment and brighten up any space.

Great Home Decor Piece:

White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots are great for home decor with their elegant contemporary design and color. It will look excellent with your favorite indoor plants like succulents, snake plants, flowers, plants, or various artificial plants and easily accent your spaces at your home. If you are looking for a great addition to your little indoor plants, then this is for you. Perfect for tabletop, indoor plants shelf, bedroom, kitchen & garden.

Perfect for Planting:

Plant with these White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots. These are decorated with drainage holes and coercible rubber plugs, the flower pot set widely suits succulent, herb, spider plant, cacti, pothos, orchid, artificial plant, etc. These beautiful planters are perfect for Mother’s day gifts but plants are not included. You have to buy it separately. 

Different Sizes Available:

We offer White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots in 2 different sizes so that you can use the planter of your choice. These are designed in such a way that your plant has enough space to grow with its roots in it. We have 2 pots of 2 different diameters in this package. The large size: 6.5 ” (D) * 5.5 ” (H) and the small size: 5.3 ” (Max D) * 4.9 ” (upper D) * 4.7 ” (H).

Hanging Gardens:

Vivid and colorful ceramic pots bring the perfect dash of fun to your home or gesture. This attractive flower pot will create a hanging garden in your home. You can hang the plant of your choice on a macrame hanger and place it on the balcony or any corner of the house. These ceramic pots are perfect for hanging on hangers; It will add a different beauty to your rooms.

Adds Vintage Charm:

If you want to give something extra to your interior design then this White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots – 6.5 Inch Pack 2 Indoor Planters is for you. Since you can get 2 pots of large and small size in it, you can keep your favorite trees on the stand with a planter or hanging; You can display it the way you want. These novel planters look like something like that antique and classic design that complements the atmosphere of your spaces.

Brighten a Shady Area:

Choosing a planter is a big issue when it comes to keeping trees at home. In some shady areas of your house, your favorite plant and planter do not brighten up. No matter where you place this white ceramic pot, it will easily illuminate the shaded areas of your house. Want to decorate the corners of the walls, hang the pot on the hanger, you can not imagine how exceptional it will look.

Offering Refund:

We are very confident in our products bring great charm to your spaces. However, if you are not satisfied with our product, you will get your money back. We provide a full refund hassle-free replacement of the product you purchased if there is any issue with this. If you notice any damage during manufacture or delivery, please contact us as soon as possible for a satisfactory solution.


  • This classical white Ceramic Flower Plant Pots set can display your favorite succulents, flowers, cactus, orchid, and so more.
  • Ranging from small to large sizes 
  • Each planter contains a small hole in the very bottom that allows water to flow and keeps your plants and flowers stylish and healthy.
  • 2 flower pot set can be an excellent match for indoor plants
  • Prevent falling soil from the pot and keep your spaces as clean as possible 
  • Ceramic flower pots with drainage holes are beneficial for the life of your potted plants.
  • Great for indoor use
  • Its special design gives you a special classical feeling
  • Three rubber plugs come with each pot
  • Plants are not included in the package
  • Use for home decor and business gifts
  • Competitive price of stable quality
  • Best quality materials used in making the flower pots to make it stain resistance
  • Approximate Dimensions: Large pot – 6.5”(D)*5.5”(H); Small pot – 5.3”(Max D)*4.9”(upper D)*4.7”(H).


Product Name: White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots

Material: Ceramic 

Color: White, gold & grey

Craft: Glazing

Package: 2 plant pots of 2 sizes with 3 rubber plugs

Package Dimensions: Large-6.5”D x 5.5”H; Small-5.3”D x 4.7”H

Item Weight: 5.04 pounds

Manufacturer: LA JOLIE MUSE

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor

Advantages: Fit size, perfect for any of your spaces.

Application: Widely suits succulent, cacti, pothos, herb, spider plant, orchid, artificial plant, etc. 

Recommended Reason: Traditional style  & design, is a vital choice for home

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No


Q: Can you put any indoor plant in this pot?

A: Yes, you can put any indoor plant of your choice in this ceramic planter. Since our package brings large and small size pots, you can place any indoor plant of your choice in Best White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots. It will adapt easily to any plant.

Q: Are these ceramic pots more expensive than other plastic pots?

A: Ceramic pots are a bit more expensive than plastic pots but in terms of durability and beauty, it is much better than plastic pots. These ceramic pots can create an aristocratic and classic feeling that no other planter can. Considering its quality, the price is not that high.

Q: Can you use these pots in the office?

A: Yes, of course. These are very standard and suitable for use in your commercial space. Put it in the office decor, everyone will appreciate it.

Q: Is this flower pot suitable for hanging?

A: Yes. But where and how you put it depends on your opinion. You can put it on the planter stand if you want, you can hang it on the hanger or you can keep these White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots empty if you want. It will be displayed with the same beauty. 

Q: What are the dimensions of the pots?

A: White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots come in 2 different sizes so that you can use the planter of your choice. These are designed in such a way that your plant has enough space to grow with its roots in it. We have 2 pots of 2 different diameters in this package. The large size: 6.5 ” (D) * 5.5 ” (H) and the small size: 5.3 ” (Max D) * 4.9 ” (upper D) * 4.7 ” (H).

Remarkable Reviews:

By Aidan Byrne

More than expected

This is much more than I expected. If the price and quality are compared then I got it at a very affordable price. This white pot with my green tree has adapted a lot and enhanced the beauty of my house a lot. I am really happy to get such a product and above all, I want to buy another one very soon.

By Harvey Schofield

Looking excellent!

If you are looking for a beautiful and small size pot for your indoor plants then this White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots is suitable for you. The pot shows a lot with the plant. I am very very happy to get this. Highly recommended product!

By Noah Connolly

Cute one

This planter pair is well built and much stiffer. I really like these a lot. I think it’s made of the best material. The glossy white coating on the outside made it unique and fascinated me. I want to buy another package and will buy it very soon.

By Shannon Holt

I love my planters

These pots are so beautiful and standard that nothing else can compare with them. It has a very nice white glaze. An excellent planter to decor indoors. Best White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots is quite stylish with a classical look. I like it very much. I recommend my friends to buy it.

By Chloe Ross

High-quality planter

If you want to buy high-quality ceramic flower pots, then take your search. Because these White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots will fulfill the desires of your mind. These are securely packaged; When it reached me, it was completely intact. I am very happy about it. Definitely, I will recommend it.

By Olivia Sykes

Best as gift

I gave this package to my friend as a gift on his birthday. She was very happy to get the White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots because she already liked them. She thanked me a lot. I think these are the best for gifts. Love it so much!

Final Words:

These beautiful indoor planters offer a functional solution for your greenery and floral arrangements, fulfilling perfectly decor needs and planting duties featuring the simplicity of design. The Plant Containers with Beige and Cracked Detailing are like eco-friendly pots that are UV passionate and weather-resistant. These ceramic indoor flower pots can make your spaces like the living room, office, garden, balcony, etc more elegant. Made from premium quality ceramic, these planter pots offer a sturdy and durable solution to your indoor decor. 

We are always dedicated to our customers providing the best quality products because your satisfaction is our success and this will improve the quality of our products. White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots – 6.5 Inch Pack 2 Indoor Planters is one of our best collections that will impress you at the first look. You will rarely find good quality things that look the same. We are 100% sure about our product that will satisfy you. And if not, then there is a money-back guarantee. If there is a problem with these posts, you can replace White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots – 6.5 Inch or get a refund. Once you have purchased these White Ceramic Flower Plant Pots, you will want to make a further purchase.  

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