Best Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves


Nature lovers always love to see the natural look around them. That is why they also gather trees at their home or workplace. But day by day almost everyone decorates their spaces with plants everywhere. The biggest reason for this is that now you don’t have to rely on just living trees to enhance your beauty. Best Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves are taking the place of real trees day by day to bring a natural environment in your home. Best Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves can be of many types as not everyone likes the same or not everyone is comfortable with the same looking thing. These faux trees are replicas of real trees. The demand for artificial plants is increasing day by day due to some limitations in the use of real plants. In the market, you will find thousands of fake trees.

In the rush of thousands of artificial plants in the market, you may not be able to pick the tree you like or you may not know much about what you like. This article is about Bird of Best Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves which is one of the most beautiful artificial trees.

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Bird of Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant:

Faux bird of paradise tree plants is artistically crafted with exceptional realism by the artisans. This tree looks a lot like a banana tree. Its leaves are full and like a paddle which displays a very dark green expression. There is no way to understand that it is not a real tree, artificial. Best Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves more interesting that we don’t usually keep banana trees to decorate the house but we can easily keep it in our house as the tree looks artificial like this banana tree. And it multiplies the beauty of our house and brings a realistic look. 

This tree is native to South Africa that is often used as a large or small tree for commercial areas and still wants the light to shine throughout the landscaping. A very life-like tree that will illuminate wherever you put it, maybe in the corner of your room or in the drawing-room. Its 4 pairs of leaves are nicely inserted and elegantly arranged from the bottom.  

Why would you use this artificial plant?

There are several benefits to using artificial plants for home decoration, which is why everyone wants to use them. However, the Bird of Paradise Tree Plant has some other special benefits which are mentioned below.

  • This beautiful plant comes with a very life-like form, color, and texture to add a gloss of verdant beauty that survives season after season with its greenery appearance. 
  • This tree has the power to make any place in your home lively and enrich with its beautiful and attractive appearance.
  • Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant is real to touch. Decoring with it can bring a sense of harmony, energy, soundness, and freshness to your spaces. 
  • The tree is made suitable for use outside and inside, so you can bring beauty and elegance to your house and outdoors the house in the same way by keeping it.
  • Are you too busy or do you find it difficult to take care of the tree? You don’t even have to worry about taking regular care of it. Because it requires very little care which is not related to food or water.
  • This artificial always offers a very realistic look while remaining evergreen without receiving any sunlight or water. 

Do you need to be cautious while using it?

Yes, you must take some precautions when using the tree. You never want the artificial tree that you bought as a hobby to perish even though it is very unlikely to ruin. If you put it anywhere inside, Best Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves will stay the same for a long time. You can keep it out, but yes, there are some things you must do. We have made this tree suitable for your indoor and outdoor use.

It is UV resistant but when you put it outside, make sure that it is protected from the extreme weather condition otherwise it will lose its durability.

Quality of our product!

Real Looking:

We always provide good and realistic artificial trees that you can understand if you take this beautiful tree. Its leaves and branches are so elegantly made and arranged that you will feel as if you are truly in nature. Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves looks just like the real tree. Each part of it from the top to the bottom is made by imitating the original tree.

Super Quality:

Not all plants have the same beauty as it has. This bird of paradise artificial tree plant has the quality to catch anyone’s concern and attention. It is made by following the best standards and methods so that the tree maintains its realism. Its long green stalks with long stalks are straight, crafted from polyester, iron wire, and plastic.

Easy Maintenance: 

Our Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves requires very low maintenance for its lasting. Use this to add a bright spot to any of your rooms or spaces you want with a hassle-free mind. It will change the color and feel of wherever you put it, which will be a lasting gift for you. It does not require any food, water, or regular sunlight, just wipe using a dry cloth according to your time.

This artificial plant is very excellent for housewarming gifts and ornaments. If you place it in the corner of your drawing room, or next to an illuminated window, it will spread double beauty. This dark-colored plant next to the white walls will suit very well.

Overwhelming Beauty:

The banana tree-like tree in the black pot looks very verdant. Best Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves increases the beauty in your home or commercial areas with this Paradise Artificial Tree. It will add elegance and garner all the compliments throughout the year.

Main Features:

  • Adjustable leaf position with Botanical imitation technology
  • Extreme Natural Appearance
  • Premium foliage fully replaces natural beauty and vibrancy of the real leaves.
  • Base with Black Attractive Decorative Planter
  • Ideal for both indoors and outdoors use
  • Perfect to present as a gift
  • 8 big individual leaves adorn this tree
  • Easy-care item for the decorative intention
  • Realistic natural beauty

Key Specification:

Product Name: AMERIQUE Pair 4’ Bird of Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant

Plant Type: Artificial Plant

Material: Polyester, plastic, iron wire

Plant Color: Dark green 

Planter: Black attractive decorative plastic planter

Item Weight: 26 pounds

Product Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 48 inches

Batteries Required: No

Advantage: Less Maintenance

Packaging: Cardboard Box

Indoor/Outdoor: Ideal for both use 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

For your convenience, some questions about our product have been answered so that you can know more.

Q: Is the bird of paradise a good indoor plant?

A: Yes, of course! This tree is very suitable for keeping inside your house or in commercial places. You can place it next to a window where sunlight comes in or in the corner of your drawing room. The tree is of very good quality and standard which creates a gorgeous look in your house.

Q: Which components does it include?

A: AMERIQUE Pair 4’ Bird of Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves, UV Resistant, with a Plastic Nursery Pot, Feel Real Technology, Super Quality, Green, 4 Feet.

Q: what is the best way to clean these?

A: When using this plant you will not have to worry about maintenance as it requires very little care which is completely different from live plants. It does not need any food, water, or regular sunlight. Just wipe it at a time like your convenience with a dry cloth.

Q: Can I put this outside?

A: Yes, you can. It is made to fit both outside and inside. But there is one thing you need to keep in mind when it comes to keeping out. It is UV protected so there is no chance of it getting damaged in sunlight but very bad weather conditions can damage it. So even if you keep it outside, keep it in a safe place.

Q: Is it durable?

A: Yes, an artificial tree means durable. However, this tree is made of some super quality material which has greatly increased its durability. With just a little care it will give you a lasting freshness.

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Top Reviews By Our Customers:

By Tilly Gardner

“Very realistic look!”

This is a wonderful addition to any of your rooms in the house. My friends and family are constantly asking where I got this. It looks so realistic that attracted me at first. The dark green leaves have a deep viridity. It came packaged perfectly and I am very happy with this delivery. 

By Eva Hilton

“Very close to the real plant”

I got this excellent artificial plant to replace the live tree. The living tree looks different but this tree is a complete replica of the living tree that you cannot understand without looking closely. This tree looks much more natural and fresh which has brought a charming look to my house. Love it!

By Sam McLean

“Love this!”

I liked the tree when I first saw it online so I ordered it. After getting it, I saw that it is much more beautiful and realistic than the picture. The tree agrees very standard for home decor. I just took one but I want to take one more for my office. Love this so much!

By Lucas Nixon

“I would like to give it 5 stars!”

I know there are many types of artificial plants on the market, but even then, if compared, I would personally call it the most beautiful and attractive. It looks very elegant and has a deep naturalness. Best Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves seemed to me that it was a hundred times more vibrant than the real tree. Highly recommended!

By Jay M. Chapman

“A perfect addition to my home.”

First of all, it has stunned me with its verdancy and unique design. It looks more natural and brings a life-like appearance to my rooms. It is a very stylish and standard tree that can be the best ornament for home decoration. I like it a lot and it is a perfect addition to my house. Love it. 

By Lisa M. Maxwell

“Good looking!”

This plant adds a real charm to my home. I fade up with my live plants. I always have to think about taking care of them. Again, even aftercare, they have to be tensed about how long they will be good or similarly beautiful. But when I am using this artificial tree I am free from these hassles. And they will stay fresh and natural for a long time, no matter where I put them.

Did You Know?

The Bird of Paradise trees is large and relatively easy to grow plants that bring a bold tropical flair to any of your spaces. This plant’s scientific name commemorates Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen consort, and wife of King George III. Queen Charlotte was a savior of the arts and an amateur botanist who helped to extend Kew Gardens. A bird of paradise can grow up to 6 feet high even indoors if it gets proper care. Its wide curved leaves make a dramatic, harmonious, and merciful statement in your home. The real bird of paradise plant requires high to medium light. But direct sunlight is ideal for Best Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves. The leaves give the Bird of Paradise plant a bird-like morphology that is scientifically believed to be pathological leaf tearing of leaves to alleviate drag in the wind. 

Final Words:

If you are looking for premium quality artificial plants from the best seller, just take a look through our comprehensive range. We have the most realistic collections about artificial plants. Our collections are chosen from ultimately efficient craftspeople to ensure our customers are getting the most natural and super quality artificial plants for your home and commercial spaces. Our online store has an extensive range of artificial plants. One of our popular artificial plants in our range is Bird of Best Paradise Artificial Tree Silk Plant with Giant Leaves. We do not compromise the quality of our product. So you can rest assured to take this product. We ensure fast shipping to your destination in 5 to 7 business days using a reliable freight service. 

It is time to choose the best artificial tree for decorating your places. This artificial plant will surely enhance the beauty of your interior areas and bring a natural statement. If you keep it at your home space, no visitor will say that it is a faux plant. This Bird of Paradise plant will add interest top the spaces like offices, hotels, and restaurants. So, place your order to make your interior design complimentary.

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