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We need baskets for various purposes which we use to keep or carry some things. One of the means of keeping or carrying our hobbies is a basket. There are different types of Best Belly Basket For Plants in the market, one of the most popular is the Belly Basket for storage plants. Trees are one of our hobbies that create a natural glow in our home very easily. And now the use of artificial plants for many opportunities has become very popular. Artificial plants are already very beautiful and natural to look at. So no matter if you put it in such a wonderful container, it will give you the gift of double beauty.

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About Belly Basket:

Best Belly Basket For Plants is much better in terms of usability. You can use it to hold various things. You can put the artificial plant of your choice inside this, it will make your plant look more beautiful and is made with natural seaweed and is very interesting to look at which has multiple uses. I will discuss this in detail in this article regarding its features, specification, and advantages.

Why Would You Use a Belly Basket for Storage Plants?

Great Home Addition:

Our decorative belly baskets add warmth and texture to your home. They can create a relaxing atmosphere and interest with a visual appeal to any space in your room or commercial areas where you have kept your artificial plants. 

As Unique As You Want:

Each of our handmade belly baskets is eco-friendly and natural that has tighter and denser than the cheaper knit options for more durability. Your artificial tree creates a natural decoration in your house. If a seagrass Best Belly Basket For Plants is added to it, then there is no point. We think this is enough to bring a unique look to your home.

Extreme Beauty: 

These Belly Baskets are perfect to add extra natural beauty to your indoor plants. This basket is very flexible, modern, light, thin but highly durable, and suitable for permanent use. Its world-class design will attract you very easily and help you to carry heavy things in it.

It showcases greenery:

Your pots used in the base of your artificial plants may not be attractive for all time. In that case, you can place it inside the seagrass belly basket that will add lightness and more greenery while presenting your plants.

Multipurpose Design:

You will find this basket in 4 sizes, as you can see in the picture. It is the best Belly Basket for Storage Plant, but you can use it for many other purposes such as Laundry, Picnic, and Grocery Basket, or as a decorative basket anywhere.

Those who usually think about what a belly basket needs with a planter will hopefully understand why to use it. It is really the perfect alternative to enhance the attractiveness of your indoor plants and add extra beauty to the house.

What can I use it for?

These seaweed baskets are so usable that they have become a must-have in every fancy home. You will be forced to love it even if anyone will love these natural gems. One of the many benefits of using it is that you can use it endlessly in many ways. It lasts a long time. We will try to give you a little insight into what you can use this product for besides keeping an artificial plant.

Indoor Artificial Plant Holder:

You can place your indoor artificial plant in the Best Belly Basket For Plants. This will transform the plant into a statement piece in any of your spaces. The color of the seagrass and the color of the leaves of the tree combine to create a unique hue, which you can easily understand. 

We actually arranged this product for our customers who love to use artificial plants in their houses. Since artificial trees have no use for watering or real soil, you can keep your plant in a belly basket for a long time without any hassle.

Laundry Basket:

People who live in city apartments usually have limited space and even bathroom space is narrow. These baskets are made in such a way that it will easily fit in your tiny space. Our medium size basket can be your favorite laundry basket because it will fit perfectly in the small space of the basin and bathroom.

Nursery Holder:

This belly basket of ours is quite a popular and much-anticipated thing for mothers of babies. Because moms like to keep their nurseries in the belly basket which fascinates us enough. We provide these seagrass baskets as a versatile item to the moms to add decor to their baby’s nurseries.

Grocery Basket:

When you go shopping in the store, it’s a must to use a holder to carry your groceries. Using simple or traditional packets doesn’t actually look standard. If you use something that catches everyone’s eye. Yes, this fashionable belly basket can be your beautiful grocery holder. You can use baskets of the size you need. It allows you to carry a lot of things with a stylish look.

Picnic Basket:

When you are going for a picnic, you need a basket that is used to hold food and tableware for a picnic meal. Other important items are also in the picnic baskets such as Frozen Bottles of Water, Corkscrew/Bottle Opener, Wet Wipes, Salt and Pepper, Paper Towels, A Tray, Serving Spoons, Folding Knife, and Cutting Board.

So let us know what are the features of this special product will make you choose it.

Remarkable Features:

  • It’s eco friendly and handmade seagrass belly basket for storage your favorite house plants
  • 100% natural seagrass.
  • High-quality and made with natural material. It’s sturdy and durable.
  • Best for home decoration.
  • It can be handled the way you want.
  • Baskets available in three sizes Small, Medium & Large.
  • More beautiful, practical, and environmental. 
  • Less maintenance required. Needs to wipe gently with dry cloth or duster.
  • Perfect for any corner of the house like the living room, children’s room, and as a laundry, picnic & grocery Basket.
  •  It comes in natural and black chevron styles
  •  An ideal planter cover

Key Specification:

Product Name: BlueMake Woven Seagrass Belly Basket

Brand: BlueMake

Material: Water hyacinth, Natural seaweed

Color: Original(Gray) & black stripes

Item Weight: (Small: 3.2 ounces), (Medium: 3.98 ounces), (Large: 5.6 ounces)

Product Dimensions: (Small: 9.8 x 7.8 x 5.1 inches), (Medium: 11 x 11 x 5.1 inches), (Large: 10.8 x 10.6 x 6 inches)

Size(approx): (Small: 22 * 20cm / 8.66 * 7.87in), (Medium: 27 * 24cm / 10.63 * 9.45in), (Large: 32 * 28cm / 12.6 * 11in)

Shape: Round

Advantage: Wide application, premium workmanship, perfect for many places

Usage: Ideal for decoration, creative storage, picnic, grocery basket, beach bag, plant basin cover, toy storage box, etc.

How do you use it?

There are some things you should keep in mind when you use this basket so it will be easy for you to use. Be remembered that plants cannot be grown in the baskets rather they need to be placed in pots and then places in baskets. And the basket you choose to keep your artificial plant must be larger in width than your plant and pot. If you take a basket that is smaller or the same size as the plant, you will not be able to keep it properly.

Another important thing is the basket is not fixed with wire. So it may disfigure if you squeeze. Flatten it quietly until the bottom is not flat. 

You may have many questions about this product. So we’ve put together some questions that may be the answer to the queries you have.


Q: What are the dimensions?

A: Our product is available in three sizes (small, medium & large) so that you can choose one as per your need. The dimension of each size is: (Small: 9.8 x 7.8 x 5.1 inches), (Medium: 11 x 11 x 5.1 inches), (Large: 10.8 x 10.6 x 6 inches). Each of our baskets is made in such a way that no matter what size plant you have, it will fit the baskets.

Q: How do I care for my belly basket?

A: You will be surprised to know that you have to spend a lot less time on the maintenance of such a beautiful basket and it is very easy to take care of it than anyone can do. To retain its beautiful natural color, you need to wipe it gently with a dry cloth after a certain period of time. Then it will stay shiny for a long time.

Q: What is the best feature of this product?

A: This basket is very natural looking and elegant which will attract you easily. It will create freshness wherever you put it. This basket is made in the shape of a beautiful bowl by folding it in the middle so that it can fit your different needs.

Q: Where are the baskets made?

A: This eye-catching belly basket is made from natural seaweed, a handmade product with a sturdy handle attached to it. Perfect for placing faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Snake plant, Monstera, etc.

Q: What are the best places to keep it??

A: It can be placed in places you like, including trees. There are some special places that are most suitable for keeping it like a hallway, living room, children’s room, bathroom, balcony space and so much more.

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Remarkable Reviews We have:

By Ana Rocha Azevedo

Love this basket!

I am very pleased to get this basket and it’s nicer than I expected. A world-class basket that has many uses. Apart from keeping your artificial tree, you can also use it for other purposes. A beautiful planter cover, I love this so much and will definitely recommend it to my friends & family.

James L. Allen

Very cute one

I got the basket at a very affordable price from a big store and I am very happy with it. It is very natural and has a sweet smell of dried grass which I like very much. I put my favorite plant in it and don’t think it will need to be replaced anytime soon because I am quite optimistic about its durability.

By Kenton C. Pierce

Very good to look at

I like the size of the basket the most. It folds nicely from the middle and adds a stiff handle. Why not keep it where the color and a natural feeling.

By William B. Flores

Beautiful basket!

I bought a large size basket. It’s really beautiful. I took pictures of it as opposed to different items. The basket can be used to hold a lot of things. It reached me very safely, although there is no possibility of it being damaged. If you are looking for a good basket then this is for you. Love it!

By Bill K. Tiernan

New addition to my house!

Little did I know that there were also pots to hold the planter and that it was so beautiful and attractive. Artificial plants enhance the beauty of the house and if such a thing is added to it, then there is no point. Actually, I chose the basket with the original color that has a lovely alternating weave. I am very glad to buy it and must recommend it.

By Martha J. Dixon

Highly satisfied

I am very satisfied with this product. The basket is standard to look at from top to bottom. It is very useful to keep our favorites besides keeping plants. Wherever I take it, it catches everyone’s eye. Everyone wants to know the price and where I bought it. One of the best combinations in my house.

Important Note:

The wicker seagrass belly basket may deform while arriving at you. Don’t worry about this. Just leave it alone to disappear the flaws in the blend as time goes by. Using this or filling them with plants or others will help to speed up the process. 

Final Words:

We think these belly baskets are one of the best as another ornament of the house. Imagine how much more beautiful your favorite plant would be if you replaced Best Belly Basket For Plants with another beautiful pot! Nature lovers always like natural things. We have arranged this product keeping their words in mind. For those who don’t like the original color, there are options.

Our product is made with the best quality natural ingredients which make it more durable and universally acceptable. You can also try it. We can say for sure that you will be forced to love it too.

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