Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Review

Artificial Paradise Palm Tree is definitely perfect to add some greenery and a realistic look to your spaces.

The practice of decorating houses with trees has been going on for several years. People always like to bring naturalness to their places. That’s why they enjoy Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Review in different corners of their house, corridor, bedroom, table, office, and many more places. Over time, people’s interest in using artificial trees has increased because real trees have some limitations that make many people uncomfortable using them. Nowadays, various artificial trees play a special role in decorating houses and commercial areas in Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Review.

The artificial mini palm tree is one of the most beautiful and attractive among the various artificial trees. 30 inches artificial palm tree’s beautiful and heterogeneous look is a favorite of many, especially those who like artificial plants.

About Artificial Mini Palm Tree:

If you want to enjoy tropical places and sunny weather indoors, then the palm tree is the best option. To add 30 inches of Artificial Paradise Palm Tree to your home and make your decor even more fantastic, use this artificial plant. This plant will easily bring a touch of green like real trees in your house which will surprise you. But you don’t have to worry about keeping it alive or taking care of Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Review.

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Artificial palm tree plants are made from silk and crafted with some complicated things that make them look more life-like such as the real tree. Many people actually think artificial trees are sticky. But most likely they didn’t find the right product. A good quality palm tree will look totally real-like and can create a mistake in others’ minds that it’s real.

In this article, you will learn about our product in different ways. Reading the Artificial Palm Tree review will help you understand how important and perfect it is for your indoor decoration.

Why Choose Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Plant? 

Artificial palm trees have a particular romanticism about them which makes them a lofty presence of realism in the spaces you actually put. These trees easily capture more romance and elegance with a lifelike freshness and color that will light up the places where you keep them. The palm trees have an emerged look and complete realism that make them a favorite in your landscape instantly. 

The small palm trees are very beautiful to look at and dazzling. Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Review slender leaves, design, size, color can easily adapt to your space and make your space even brighter. The size of this tree is very suitable for any place. It looks even more beautiful if you can put it in the right place like next to the shelf, next to the desk or in the corner of your room.

You will get more benefits from using artificial palm trees and you will have a better experience with it if you pay a little attention to the advantages of using it.

Benefits of Using Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Plant:

  • Artificial Paradise Palm Tree is a real reflection of nature. This will be your solution in all cases wherever you want to make the presence of nature indoors.
  • When you are looking to bring a sense of harmony and overall freshness to your spaces, then the artificial mini palm tree is a must and even to create a tropical paradise around us. 
  • Caring for palm trees is a very easy task. Since these are not real trees, they do not require water or other natural foods. Generally, you can also remove your tree just when you dust off your furniture. To keep the leaves shiny, clean them at least twice a year with soapy water with the help of a toothbrush or paintbrush, then it will keep its freshness for many days just like you bought.
  • This artificial palm tree is eco friendly, easily combined, waterproof and so real to touch. Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Review & leaves are very lifelike with fantastic coloration and fake soil. 
  • Things made of synthetic material usually spoil after a short period of time. This tree is made of environmentally friendly and good quality material so that it can maintain the purity of your place and last a long time. 

What kind of features does our product contain?

Quality Palm Trees:

Each of our palm trees is made of the best quality materials and each material has a single purpose to make the plant more specific, realistic, and longevity. To ensure the plants are as life-like as possible we check the foliage, stems, and flowers of the artificial palm trees and compare them against their natural counterparts. 

We provide the best artificial paradise palm tree plant that is suitable for using indoor decor. So, we don’t recommend placing them outdoors because the leaves may fade or discolor due to the extreme weather condition. 

Wide range of use:

Our artificial paradise palm tree plants are made for every interior style. Artificial Paradise Palm Tree one of our popular collections where you are compelled to find a perfect one for your home decor. Our palm trees look more realistic, life-like, natural that will suit any of your spaces (indoors). 

Low maintenance:

Like our indoor artificial mini palm tree, its maintenance is also mini. I’m not kidding at all! As it doesn’t have life, Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Review does not require any food like water, fertilizer, or sunlight whereas the real trees need enough nutrition unless the leaves will be yellow and slothful. It’s better to use our faux palm plant to avoid the hassle of maintenance. You never need to think about watering or feeding it, just enjoy the beauty around you. 

Extremely Natural:

Our trees have very natural features because we notice that they are made of the best ingredients. Then we decide to deliver it to our clients. Therefore, there will be no opportunity to complain about our product. Artificial Palm Tree is excellent and realistic to create a perfect natural environment.


  • Perfect to bring a tropical paradise in the home or commercial spaces
  • Natural color with realistic texture
  • Metal Wires Stem
  • The base is covered with artificial black soil
  • Attached with black plastic decorative planter
  • 100% Botanical Imitation Technology
  • Very real to touch and nearly natural
  • Can light up your space wherever you set it

Key Specification:

Product Name: Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Plant

Plant Type: Artificial Plant

Material: Silk-like polyester, plastic, iron wire silk-like

Plant Color: Light and dark shades of green

Planter: Black plastic planter

Base Included: Yes

Base Shape: Round

Plant Size: Total Height: 30” Tall, Plant Wide: 22.0”

Planter Dimension: Height 4.5”, Width 5”

Usage: Indoor use. Ideal for Home, Office, Commercial area, Party, Hotel, Interior Decoration, and so on.


Q: How long does this artificial palm tree plant last for?

A: In fact, it depends on what type of artificial palm tree you choose and where you place it. Outside trees are maybe a little less durable than indoor trees. Because the tree inside will be protected from bad weather outside. But its durability also depends largely on how you care for and clean it. Regular cleaning will maintain its freshness and durability.

Q: Where should you keep it?

A: The artificial palm tree plant has such an appearance that it can be suited to any of your spaces. The best places are next to a sunny window to make the palm tree more real, an empty corner of your bedroom,  next to your couch, in the commercial areas to add a relaxing vibe. 

Q: What about the ongoing maintenance?

A: Artificial palm tree does not need much care. After a while, you will clean the dust that has accumulated on it. Twice a year you can clean it with soapy water. Otherwise, its beauty will be ruined. But there is nothing to be tensed about it. You can do this to maintain its naturalness.

Q: Does it look real?

A: Yes, it looks 100% real. There is a mixture of both light and dark shades of green that replicates newly growing leaves. We can ensure that our product is made of premium quality materials that compare the foliage, color, shape, and size Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Review of the mini palm plant to the botanical embodiment to confirm it’s realistic.

Q: What about the dimension? 

A: It is about 30 inches tall from the bottom of the pot to the very top of the tree. The pot is black 5 inches in diameter with 4.5 inches in height. The wide of the plant is 22 inches. 

Q: What material is it made of?

A: We offer the best artificial paradise palm tree plant as it’s handcrafted from a sturdy silk-like polyester to make a natural look and feel. This plant is potted in a sturdy black plastic planter. It is recommended to keep them away from direct sunlight to preserve the original color and natural look.

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Remarkable Reviews

By John B. Larson

Best addition to my home!

The plant is very life-like that’s why I chose it for my home. Actually, I was confused about how it will look at my home although I liked it when I saw the image online. Honestly, it has enhanced the beauty of my house a thousandfold, even more than I thought. It is small but very beautiful and a perfect addition to my home. Love this so much!

By Fred J. Austin

Very Realistic!

This plant looks very real. I also saw the picture and ordered but I was not sure that it would look exactly like the picture. It really looks like a natural tree that you can’t understand without touching it. I put it in my living room. Whenever I enter the room, I feel a natural touch. I recommend buying it.

By Joel M. Jones

Quite Natural!

A very realistic one. The design of its leaves and the green ornamentation fascinated me. A very beautiful and good quality product I found. I want to buy another one. Highly recommended!

By Rosalind Goyette

Perfect size!

The size of the palm tree plant seems perfect to me. It’s of 30″ in size with a black plastic planter will fit very well anywhere you place it. Large trees look good but may not fit everywhere. So that’s what I think is right. And I’m very happy to get the tree because they provide a very good quality product. Thank you very much.

By Mrs. Alena Purdy Jr.

Very Satisfied!

Leaves color is very nice and the size was perfect actually I was looking for. I put it next to my bookshelf. It’s really nice to see you. So for the first time, I bought one. But I want to buy one more.

Did you know?

The botanical name of the paradise palm tree is Dypis Lutescens which is a member of the Arecaceae family. It’s native to Madagascar and is now found in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, Andaman Island, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Review can grow around 20 – 39 feet. “Butterfly palm” is one of its common names because it looks like a butterfly with all the stems at the top.

Final Words:

By reading the above article you must have got enough ideas about the features and uses of the artificial palm trees. With thousands of artificial trees in the market, you can surely find the one you like. However, you must verify the quality. The artificial palm tree is one of our best collections. And we are always committed to providing good products as our product is made using completely botanic imitation technology.

So, if you are looking for a tropical element to have a paradise look, you can opt for this plant. No matter if you have a traditional setting of your spaces, Artificial Paradise Palm Tree Review is definitely perfect to add some greenery and a realistic look in your spaces. Our product will make a fantastic representation wherever you introduce it. 

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