5′ Mini Cedar Pine Tree Review for Indoor or Outdoor

This mini cedar pine tree can complement the style of your home decor. It's 5' Mini Cedar Pine Tree Review for Indoor or Outdoor.

The room that catches the eye of the guests as soon as they enter the house is a specially arranged tidy drawing-room. Then they notice how much comfort you can give to your bedroom and other places. 5′ Mini Cedar Pine Tree Review for Indoor or Outdoor. Everyone’s a little more interested in how to be attractive and different from others with fancy materials. One of the most popular materials for home decoration is trees and of course artificial plants because of its use, benefits, and availability, its acceptance among nature-loving people is increasing day by day.

In the context of artificial trees, many pictures of trees crowd our minds and we often get confused as to which one we will buy or which one will suit us. This is actually a very complex idea because your home decor is an expression of your taste. So it is important to make a careful decision in this regard.

Mini Cedar Pine Tree is one of the artificial plants that we provide. From this excellent Mini Cedar Pine tree review, you will know everything about 5′ Mini Cedar Pine Tree Review for Indoor or Outdoor and we are sure that then you will get enough interest in taking it. Just keep reading the article.

About Mini Cedar Pine Tree:

Cedar is one of the most beautiful and royal trees. For many centuries, the material and spiritual cultures of the Urals and Siberia were closely associated with cedar. Cedar forest is a special taiga world. Beautiful cedar forest at any time of the year. And in winter and summer, it has its own microclimate. A strange factory of oxygen saturated with negative ions and phytoncides is the ideal environment for the people. This is the real cedar pine tree. Let’s talk about faux trees.

The cedar forests of Northeast Asia are called Sabarktic and Padagaltsevai, the sharp stalks of the cedar Elphin forest. The most common is Siberian cedar or cedar pine. The Siberian cedar tree is called “pine”, a family of pines.

Siberian cedar – a tree, up to 40 m, trunk diameter up to 1.5-2 m. The crown of a young tree is sharply pyramidal, spreading 5′ Mini Cedar Pine Tree Review for Indoor or Outdoor widely among adults, often to many points. The upper branch – candelabras, raised.

Artificial Cedar Pine Tree:

Artificial cedar pine trees come with a charming appeal. It is much smaller than the real pine tree but suitable for keeping indoors. It is 5 feet high which you can easily place next to your entrance. Its bright green leaves will give you a real feeling. Your Cedar Pine Tree can complement your home decor style. 

What are the benefits of using this tree?

Great Looking:

For a great looking for your space’s decor, there is a lovely choice.  This nice mini cedar pine tree. It will surely bring the feeling of visiting a national park or invite remembrances of a favorite camping trip. This mini tree is a perfect fit for any room or office and will be cherished for years to come.

Completely Natural:

This mini cedar pine tree is an attractive addition to your indoors or outdoors places. The tree stands 5 feet high which may be higher than your wardrobe or bookshelf. Sometimes you might mistake it for one of your family members because 5′ Mini Cedar Pine Tree Review for Indoor or Outdoor stands almost like a human with its beautiful height. Soil filling in a simple planter gives it a natural look.

Less Care and Maintenance:

Although there is no need to say anything special about the maintenance of artificial trees and there is no problem with its care, there is a difference in the care of different artificial plants. Mini cedar pine trees look fresh every day without any care and look the same as you bought in new condition. Just wipe it off at least once a month with a dry and clean cloth.

About Our Product:

Lovely Looking:

This lovely Mini Cedar Pine Tree at 5 feet all comes with the perfect size that is very suitable to adorn your home entryway. You can place them at opposite ends of a fireplace to create a pleasant charming appeal. It looks and feels so real covered with bright green leaves. A simple planter filled with soil makes it a complimentary gift like nature.

Premium Quality:

We guarantee you the product that we provide because we are 100% sure about the quality of the product. Once you get this tree you will understand that it is of premium quality. It is made of very good and tested material which enhances its appearance and enhances its durability.

Perfect Size:

If you love cedar pine and want to use it then this is definitely for you. Basically living trees are very tall, so you can’t use them in your home despite choosing. So this 5′ Mini Cedar Pine Tree Review for Indoor or Outdoor shaped tree is quite suitable for placing in your house or at the entrance.

Both Use:

This tree of your choice but you can use it anywhere you want, there are no barriers. That is, indoors or outdoors where you want. It is not UV resistant but suitable for outdoors use and extreme weather do not fade the beautiful leaves. And as I said before, our products are made with premium quality materials, so there is no restriction on indoors or outdoors use. 

Very Attractive:

Mini Cedar Pine Tree is very striking which you can see. But we’re sure you’ll like it even more if you actually see it. It is very lively and has a forest look to it. It’s 5′ Mini Cedar Pine Tree Review for Indoor or Outdoor is good enough as a means of adding charm to home decor.

Product Features:

  • Comes with a perfect size of 5 feet high
  • Adds a natural look to your home decor 
  • Realistic looking leaves
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Suitable for drawing room corners, next to the shelf and so more.
  • Never needs watering or fertilizing
  • Feels so real covered with bright green leaves
  • Perfect for entranceway décor.
  • It’s presence is soothing to the eyes and mind
  • There is no harm to people or the environment as it’s made of best quality materials.
  • Quite aesthetic due to the simple shape of the stems and the beauty of the leaves.
  • Makes a complimentary gift
  • Easy to set up


Product Name: 5ft. Mini Cedar Pine Tree

Plant Type: Artificial Plants

Material: Plastic 

Leaves Color: Bright Green

Item Weight: 10 pounds

Product Dimensions: 19 In. W x 19 In. D x 60 In. H

Planter Dimensions: W: 9 in,H: 8 in.

Item model number: 5291

Indoors/outdoors: Both

Base Included: Yes

Base Type: Pot

Finish Types: Green

Assembly Required: No

Advantages: Fit size, perfect for any of your spaces.

Batteries Required: No


Q: Is Pine Tree a cedar?

A: Cedar belongs to the Cedrus, which is a component of the Pinaceae (pine family), of which there are roughly 40 species native to the hemisphere. Spruce trees are coniferous evergreens. Cedars are often identified by watching their height, shape, needles, cones, and habitats.

Q: Is this tree UV resistant?

A: No, this plant is not UV resistant. But there is no reason to think that it can be harmful if you use it outside. It is not UV resistant but is perfectly suited to keep out. The color or brightness of its leaves will not lose any tie.

Q: Are there any restrictions on its use?

A: In fact, there are no restrictions on the use of cedar pine that can prevent you from using it. However, since it is 5 feet high, you cannot place it on your desk or table, but it is best to place it next to the entrance or in the corner.

Q: What are the dimensions of the plant?

A: This plant comes with 1565 leaves and a perfect size. You need to know the dimension before having a purchase. The dimension of this tree is 19 In. W x 19 In. Dx 60 In. H and the planter’s dimension is W: 9 in, H: 8 in.

Q: What is the best way to clean these?

A: It is very easy to clean which you can do effortlessly. You can enjoy the verdancy of life without taking care of it like a living tree. Just wipe it off with a clean dry cloth at least once a month.

Q: How is it packaged for delivery?

A: Our product will arrive in a box that helps keep this tree safe. Your satisfaction is the most valuable thing to us so we want you to get the product intact. 5′ Mini Cedar Pine Tree Review for Indoor or Outdoor is packed tightly in the box as much as possible so that the risk of damage during transit is very low.

Remarkable Reviews:

By Ann G. Fuller

Looks better

I have this mini cedar pine tree next to my front door. It looks like a real tree. There are many more trees like this that look fake. However, my idea of using it has changed a lot. Good one.

By Emma Lucas

Beautiful outdoor plant

I think it is the best outdoor plant. I put it out without any problems. If you think that using it outside will make it fade then you are wrong. It will look as good as mine. It is not UV resistant but it is suitable to keep out. Highly recommended!

By Evie Goodwin

Realistic appearance. 

I am very happy to get this tree. It has a realistic look that surprised me a lot. I decorate it like a Christmas tree. Very nice to see. There is no way to understand that it is a fake tree. The tree brings a natural glow to my home.

By Leo Parry

Very satisfied!

I was very satisfied to get the product because it came to me in a very good way and safely. There is a royal feeling in it that has attracted me the most. Looks like a real tree and bright green leaves. I will definitely recommend it. 

What can we do for you?

1. Provide the best quality and best price for you.

2. Arrange for fast delivery and shipment for you.

3. Satisfy your idea of a product out.

4. Make sure you know all the processes of production and delivery.

We are committed to:

It’s our prominence to pay full attention and dedication to our customer service that has helped us to improve our products’ quality and grow the success we enjoy today. We are always committed to providing the best quality product to our customers. So they never give up on us. The spiral cedar silk tree is one of our best products. Our customers are very satisfied because it’s our mission to provide unique types of products that overcome the expectation of our customers.

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Final Words:

When you are thinking of using artificial plants for your home or office decoration, you need to imagine something that will suit your space. You want to reduce the number of decorations and focus instead on the very interesting pieces that deserve attention.

This mini cedar pine tree can complement the style of your home decor. It is a great specimen tree with lots of leaves. Its less formal appearance works well with less traditional decorative styles. If you like this tree then 5′ Mini Cedar Pine Tree Review will be one of your best choices. And regarding the quality of our product, we are 100% sure that it will be able to achieve your satisfaction. Just give us a try.


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