3.28-ft Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants Review

Artificial palm trees have become very popular among nature lovers. It's best 3.28-ft Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants Review.

Artificial trees have become very popular among nature lovers as an impeccable ornament of home decor. People once thought that if there is a natural touch in the house or anywhere in the house, 3.28-ft Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants Review is necessary to keep the tree alive. Yes, this idea was true. But gradually this thinking has changed. Practical experience has shown that while living plants are beautiful and pleasant to look at, they have some limitations that make it impossible for many to use them. And the solution to this limitation is the replacement of live trees to artificial plants. 

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You will find artificially the same plants that you usually imagine to keep in the house. If you think from this perspective, you will find many types of artificial plants in the market. If you want to find your favorite tea in the rush of many beautiful trees, you can choose these 3.28-ft Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants Review as part of your home decor. It is very natural and attractive which will easily attract your mind. Many of us have a weakness for the palm tree. It is not really possible to keep a palm tree indoors because it is quite large in size. So Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plant is best to keep in your house.

Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants:

Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants can grab your attention by its sweet appearance. It’s artistically crafted with exceptional realism by the artisans that can be a fantastic alternative to the real palm plant. 3.28-ft Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants Review is leaves and appearance are very much like a date palm which when you see it you may suddenly think that you are looking at a mini size palm tree. When it comes to bringing a unique look to your interior, the artificial palm plants are great for both indoors and outdoors.

Considering its size like other special qualities, it will feel perfect. Because we think a 3.28-ft palm tree is a sufficient size to fit anywhere in your home or office. Artificial palms plants are extremely popular at the moment to add a touch of greenery. Just try our product creating a natural look around you.

Why Do You Use Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants?

The artificial palm trees have a significant number of benefits that will make you interested in buying it. Many do not know about these which can be very enjoyable for them. Let us know the excellent benefits of this.

No Need to be Grown:

Honestly, growing a tree, growing it, and taking care of it is a long process where you have to spend a lot of time. Even then, it may be that you fail to give it a beautiful look, or that it has died despite taking more care of you. With the artificial palm tree, you don’t need to worry about its growth and care. This plant is made of sturdy materials and also requires less maintenance. This tree can be a great start to adding natural feeling to your space.

Easily Cleanable:

If you use a real palm tree, its old leaves will dry out and fall off, causing debris. The leaves are soiled by external dust and sand. But the leaves of Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plant are made of the best quality material so that you can easily clean it and it does not require any caretaker to take care of it. 

Extreme Natural:

Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants have a great natural look that will fascinate you at first sight. This tree is completely green from top to bottom and very realistic. It is impossible for you to understand that such a beautiful tree is made by hand.

Best Home Addition:

If you are looking for the best combination for your home then this product can be the best for you. To bring a really natural appearance to your home or office environment, you need to find something that agrees with the standard. Before delivery, we make sure that 3.28-ft Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants Review is enjoyable for you and able to meet the desires of your mind. The rest you will get proof after you get it.

Limited Maintenance Required:

Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants require incredible amounts of maintenance. They do not need to be regularly watered, trimmed, fertilized, even no need to have nutrition. In the case of these trees, one needs not concern about providing regular maintenance to it. Installing artificial palm plants in your home decor can be very beneficial and time-saving. Its maintenance is hassle-free that can be washed by water when it gets dust. 

Look Just As Gorgeous:

For several reasons, people are unable to install the real palm tree in your house. You can think about artificial palm trees. Installing artificial palm trees your surroundings will provide real greenery that will look very pretty and blooming. It looks just like the real palm tree that is more life-like with the lush green. These faux plants will save your time and money & give your spaces a very fresh look.

Why Choose Our Product:

Great for Handcrafts:

Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants are perfect for home, school, wedding, festival celebration, house room lulu party, tropical party, dino party decorations, The green faux leaves are with leaf stems that are great for handcrafts, such as luau table skirting, fake plants, fake palm trees,  wedding centerpieces, or garden centerpieces. You can place indoor and outdoor decoration, garden, office, verandah, DIY home decor, wedding decor.

Used Best Materials:

The leaves and stems of this plant were made from plastic and the leaves stems were made with plastic and iron wire. Each order of this artificial palm leaves tree contains 1 piece, 39.4In/3.28-ft tall, 9In leaf widest part, and 25In leaf part length. 

You Can Buy Confidently:

We provide our product with a 100% money-back guarantee. Our artificial palm plants have the best quality & workmanship guarantee. Our customer satisfaction is our first priority. If you have any dissatisfaction with the product, feel free to contact us for a replacement or refund at any time. 

So let us know what are the features of this special product will make you choose it.

Features of Our Products:

  • It’s eco-friendly with natural color. Reusable & easy to clean.
  • Perfect for home, wedding and different festival decorations like house room lulu party, tropical party, dino party and so more
  • Looks more realistic than a real plant
  • Easy to change the shape as the stem is made of bendable iron wire. 
  • Low maintenance required. Can be washed by water when it gets dusty.
  • No Trimming or sunlight necessary
  • Inexpensive Installation
  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • More beautiful, tropical, and natural. 
  • A great choice for saving your money

Key Specification:

Product Name: 3.28-ft Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants

Material: Plastic & iron wire

Color: Dark Green

Item Weight: 3.29 pounds

Package Dimensions: 40 x 11 x 8 inches

Advantages: UV Resistant, Fit size, perfect for many of your spaces

Usage: Ideal for decorating home kitchen, festival, school, dino party, tropical party, house room lulu party, etc.

Batteries Required: No


Q: What about its maintenance?

A: Its maintenance is very easy which you can do as per your time, opportunity and desire. Wash its leaves with water and then let it dry. Then you will see that it will shine like brand new.

Q: Can it be used outdoors?

A: Yes, you can use it outside of course. You can place it outside your door, on the roof next to your tea table, or in a place where you are doing a photo shoot. Leaving it anywhere you can easily create a vibrant environment there.

Q: What is the dimension of this plant? 

A: The dimension of the 3.28-ft Palm Tree is 40 x 11 x 8 inches and its weight is 3.29 pounds. 

Q: What are the best places to put it?

A: Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants are perfect for decorating your spaces like home, school, tropical party, dino party, lulu party and so more. You can place it both indoor & outdoor decoration, garden, office, verandah, DIY home decor, wedding decor. 

Q: Do these leaves look fake?

A: During the manufacturing process, we deliberately give the leaves texture to make them like real live palm leaves which means they don’t have an unnatural shine anymore. 

Q: Will the leaves fade?

A: If you clean it properly and put it in the right place, it is less likely to fade unless it is very old. But it may fade after 5 years of use, but it is not too much.

Q: Can I have a money-back guarantee if I am not satisfied with this?

A: Yes, you can. We always give utmost importance to customer satisfaction. So we do not give any opportunity to complain about our product because we are 100% sure about the quality of our product. However, if you still have a complaint about our product or if you are not satisfied with it, we will replace your item or refund your money.

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Remarkable Reviews We have:

By Adriana C. Greenwood

Wonderful item

This item is very beautiful just like I wanted. The leaves, branches, and especially the underside of the tree are very nice. Honestly, anyone who sees will never think it is fake. It brings a realistic look to my home. I am very happy with this.

By Susan C. Shapiro

Like a real plant

What a nice collection! I am very satisfied with this item. I think the beauty of this tree is no less than that of a living tree. Rather it is much more natural, beautiful, and lasting. I put it in my drawing-room. My drawing-room looks so beautiful that I can’t explain it. Love it so much. 

By Elsie D. Callaway

Love this plant

I like palm trees a lot. However, I had some limitations in using it. I have a lot of laziness in taking care of the tree. I can’t spend time right behind it. So I chose the artificial palm tree to bring at least some naturalness. But after I took it and saw that it was like a natural tree. Best one!

By Micheal V. Cates


It came very well packaged and in good condition. It looks great in my home and office. The price is also affordable. I am willing to purchase another one from the seller in the future. Thanks a lot!

By Juan C. Oneal

Want to give it five stars!

This item is very realistic and world-class. I was very surprised at first to see how the palm tree is so beautiful in its small state! There is no way to really understand by looking at its craftsmanship that it is not a real tree. 3.28-ft Artificial Palm Leaf Tree Plants Reviews an imitation of a palm tree which is really amazing. Undoubtedly it deserves 5 stars. I really like this plant. Definitely recommended.

By Brittany C. Welch

Both use!

This tree can be used both inside and outside. Many artificial trees cannot be used outside. In this way, even if we want to keep out many beloved trees, we can’t. This is the first time I have found a tree that is my favorite and can be used both outside and inside.

Final Words:

When it comes to decorating your spaces with artificial plants, you have to find the thing you can actually like. Choosing your tea from among the many types of artificial plants on the market is not very difficult but quite time-consuming. So even if you study the benefits, features, and customer feedback of using some trees, it will be easier for you to make a decision. To give you the best experience we always work with premium quality products and manufacturers. These artificial palm plants look like completely real palm trees that are perfect for indoors and outdoors decor. 

Our product will surely improve the atmosphere around you. This does not include a planter and will be shipped with the bare root as given in the picture. Decorate your places in a beautiful exotic scheme with this excellent artificial plant! 

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