23in. Boston Fern with Wicker Basket Silk Plant Review

Almost all of us love to get natural Boston Fern. And this is the best review of 23in. Boston Fern with Wicker Basket Silk Plant.

Almost all of us love to get natural touches around us because we find the vibrancy of life in the midst of nature. Due to this, living trees as well as artificial trees have gained considerable popularity. While there are some barriers to using live trees, there are no restrictions that can prevent you from using artificial trees.

When you are thinking about using artificial plants, you must think of different plants because you can find almost all the trees that are beautiful to look at and you like in the market in artificial form. One of your favorite lists is our Boston Fern with Wicker Basket Silk Plant. To make a wild and tropical atmosphere around you there is no alternative to this plant as it has a unique look that can grab anyone’s attention.

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In this article, I will try to give you a detailed idea about the Boston Fern Silk Plant which will help you in buying the tree. However, after knowing its usage, benefits, features, and specialties, you will surely be interested in buying Boston Fern with Wicker Basket Silk Plant.

About Boston Fern Silk Plant:

If you are tired of the ordinary, then this wonderful tree is for you. Add this wild and tropical Boston fern to make your home decor more attractive and vibrant. It was very popular in the Victorian era and the addition of this exotically crafted masterpiece in your place will definitely bring back a forgotten age. The green leaves of the tree, which is about 2 feet tall, create a unique look that you won’t find anywhere else. Wicker Basket Silk Plant has a nice finishing touch with a decorative wood wicker basket.

This Boston Fern with Wicker Basket Silk Plant is perfect to add plenty of color and greenery to your home or commercial space decor. Your dream of a vacation in a tropical area can become true with this beautiful presence of the Boston Fern plant. 

Advantages of Using this Plant?

Premium Quality:

Premium quality means that our product is exactly the same. Our product is of the best quality. Our product is of the best quality.  We ensure its quality even before it arrives at you. This tree is made of generally excellent quality material which holds its solidness and expectation as long as per your demand. When you see the presence of the realistic appearance, you will discover proof that a Boston fern plant is sufficient to grab your attention.

Perfect Home Addition:

Are you tired of the ordinary aspects of your house? This Boston Fern with Wicker Basket Silk Plant is perfect for your home to bring greenery to your home or office. Wicker Basket Silk Plant presence will make your spaces brighter and more vibrant. It’s the best natural addition to your house.

Very Natural:

The leaves of Boston Fern are evergreen and will completely change your mood by giving you the feeling of a forest. This tree will enliven and refresh your surroundings just like a living tree. Its dark green leaves and branches are just like natural trees.

Best Measurement:

This plant comes with a perfect measurement that is suitable for any place in your house. Its overall dimension is 23in H x 28 in W x 28 in D ; Basket Dimensions: W: 6.75 in, H: 7 in. The measurements from the bottom of the pot to the top extended leaves on the arrangement. This 2 feet height plant will perfectly match with the tops of your table or shelf.

Realistic Appearance:

Always arrange living trees to bring a realistic appearance? You don’t have to worry about this when we have the best collection like Boston fern. When you place it in your living room, it will illuminate your place with maximum beauty.

Less Maintenance Required:

There is no problem with the maintenance of the Boston fern. Some artificial trees need washing to clean. However, it does not need to be washed to clean the dust on it, just wipe Wicker Basket Silk Plant occasionally with a dry, clean, and soft cloth. With very little care it will always shine.


  • Packed with leaves and natural-looking branches
  • Perfect for any room or office décor
  • Stylish Basket adds a touch of oriental appeal to your decor
  • Authentic looking alternating foil pattern
  • Filled with lush natural looking arching fronds
  • Tiny leaves with a real green touch
  • Manufactured using good quality synthetic materials 
  • An elegant addition anywhere
  • Creates your own tropical paradise
  • No watering or maintenance needed
  • Great housewarming gift


Product Name: Boston Fern with Wicker Basket Silk Plant

Plant Type: Artificial Plants

Material: Plastic, Polyester 

Leaves Color: Deep Green

Item Weight: 3 Pounds

Plant Dimensions: 23in H x 28 in W x 28 in D

Basket Dimensions: W: 6.75 in, H: 7 in

Container Color: Brown

Item model number: 6549

Base Type: wood wicker basket 

Finish Types: Green

Advantages: Fit size, perfect for any of your spaces.

Placement: Tabletop

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I place it outdoors?

A: Actually we recommend not using it outdoors. This low-height tree is perfect for your home. You can put it anywhere in the house or office or on your tea table on the roof if the place is protected. It is not advisable to keep it in an open place.

Q: What about its maintenance?

A: With very little care it will look fresh every day. You don’t have to think about it in particular. Dust may occasionally fall on its leaves, wipe with a clean dry cloth. Nothing more to do.

Q: What are the dimensions?

A: This plant comes with a perfect measurement that is suitable for any place in your house. Its overall dimension is 23in H x 28 in W x 28 in D; and Basket Dimensions: W: 6.75 in, H: 7 in. The measurements from the bottom of the pot to the top extended leaves on the arrangement.

Q: What are the best places to put this plant?

A: You can put it anywhere in the house. The Boston Fern tree is enough to brighten up all the places. But if you are talking about the best places, then it is a good place to put it on a table, desk or shelf. It can also be added as an extra ornament to your dining table.

Q: How is it packed?

A: This plant comes with an arrangement of a decorative wood wicker basket in its base that is packed with leaves and natural-looking branches. Perfect for any room or commercial space decor.

Q: What materials is it made of?

A: This beautiful tropical plant is made of best quality synthetic materials to make it durable. The foliage and branches are made of Plastic & Polyester and the base filled with a nice decorative wood wicker basket. 

Customer Reviews:

By Melinda H. Crawley

Beautiful plant

This plant is incredibly beautiful that I can’t believe it. I placed one in my room that makes a very realistic appearance. I think the money I spent is worth it. There is no substitute for the Boston fern to animate Barry. Highly recommended. 

By Sharon R. Ball

Very satisfied

I am so satisfied with this plant. It looks completely real and natural. I put it on top of my bookshelf, it is truly unique. The addition of the decorative wooden basket in its base makes it more realistic and vibrant. I love it so much.

By Joy J. Roussel

Great one!

There is a pleasing arrangement of leaves and branches of the plant. The wonderful foliage is very easy to reshape. The basket looks so nice. I didn’t find any errors in it that could be disliked. I got it very safely which made me very happy. I would like to recommend it for its beautiful and realistic appearance.

By Edward B. Sykes

Love it so much

I just like the Boston fern plant. In fact, I don’t have the courage to use live plants because I forget to water and take care of them. I am very happy to get this tree because I can decorate the house with my favorite tree but don’t have to worry about caring for it. Really love it.

By Marylin R. Soto

Nice delivery

When the tree reached me it was the same as I had seen. They delivered the product to me very well in a beautiful box. Maybe the leaves were a little baked when brought. However, it is worth resizing, so there is no problem. Many thanks for this nice delivery.

By Bradley R. Cobb

Five stars

This tree undoubtedly deserves 5 stars. I think it’s the best addition to my home, even the best addition to anyone’s space. A very beautiful tree, very natural. I will definitely give 5 stars.

More About Our Product:

We always provide you with good and exceptional types of products. The best technology is used in product making and design. From the positive reviews given by our customers, you will get enough ideas about the product.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal so we do not compromise on maintaining the right quality. We balance price and quality so that everyone can buy his favorite tree at an affordable price.

Did You Know:

The Boston fern is also known as a sword fern that has become a very popular indoor plant and back as a reminder of the forgotten age – 19th century. It not only makes a place stylish, but it also purifies the air and prevents unhealthy pollution.

What can we do for you?

1. Provide the best quality and best price for you.

2. Arrange for fast delivery and shipment for you.

3. Satisfy your idea of a product out.

4. Make sure you know all the processes of production and delivery.

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We are committed to:

It’s our prominence to pay full attention and dedication to our customer service that has helped us to improve our products’ quality and grow our success we enjoy today. We are always committed to providing the best quality product to our customers. So they never give up on us. The spiral cedar silk tree is one of our best products. Our customers are very satisfied because it’s our mission to provide unique types of products that overcome the expectation of our customers.

Final Words:

You have to be more tasteful when you want to add greenery to your spaces. Because it will carry the identity of your good taste to your friends and family. If you like artificial plants, you can see our best collection. We are sure you can make your decision here. But if you want to enjoy tropical paradise at home then this tree is the best option.

And you can be 100% sure about our product because it is world-class like all our products. Add this beautiful Boston Fern plant to your home decor which will give you a full natural feeling.

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